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  • Guest Blogger Sarah Rhodes

Why Eating Organic Isn't Enough

Unfortunately, eating Organic and Non-GMO doesn't mean you are avoiding them completely. Did you know that the majority of your skin care products contain Genetically Modified and Non-Organic ingredients too? Unless otherwise stated on the label by either an Organic certification or on the back of the product in front of each ingredient it says "organic [ ]", your body is being exposed to the same toxins you are afraid to eat.

So, Why Is Eating Organic Not Enough?

You're convinced that eating Organic is smart, and that's awesome. It's definitely not

something you will ever regret. But I'm afraid that food is not the only way for Genetically

Modified Organisms and other harmful toxins to find their way into your system. The majority

of commercial beauty and skincare products – including body washes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, body oils, deodorants and makeup – contain Non-Organic, GMO ingredients. Your skin absorbs 60% of anything put on your body, meaning your body is drinking up over half of that glob of lotion you put on every day. Your skin literally absorbs more toxins through your skin than through your diet. Not only that, but when you digest a toxin, you have the chance to break it down through the many filters of your digestive system. When your less-than-one-tenth-of-an-inch-thick-skin absorbs Genetically Modified and Non-Organic ingredients, they reach the bloodstream faster, passing through the thinnest organ you have, filtering at only 40%. These toxins then build up in your body faster. When you have an ailment of some sort and you are convinced to change your diet, you should start reading your skincare bottles. If the ingredients used are not organic, toss it. It is vital to your health.

Whats the difference between Organic and Non-GMO?

Think of it like this; Everything that is Organic, is Non-GMO. Not everything that is Non-GMO, is Organic. The safest way to ingest your food and the safest products for your skin are buying products that are Organic.

Why You Should Go Organic

The web is full of contradictory information. To help those who feel caught in the crossfire of the GMO vs Organic debate, I've put together a few simple reasons why buying and consuming Organic, thus Non-GMO products is actually a really good idea.

We know that GMO foods and products were only introduced for use by

humans in 1994. It took people almost a century to realize that cigarettes, which were

introduced in 1865, were linked with cancer, a fact that was not discovered until the 1950s. Of

course, studies are more proactive and high-tech now than they were back then. But still, is it

unrealistic to imagine that some of the consequences of consuming genetically modified

products might take longer than 20 years to reveal themselves?

Here's another factor to think carefully about-

Many of the studies conducted today only look at how Genetic Engineering will affect

humans; or more accurately, rats. But what about the rest of Earth's ecosystem? Life relies

on the fragile, symbiotic relationships that exist between all of the world's organisms. This

system can so easily become unbalanced.

The pollen from GM corn is lethal to Monarch larvae. Who could have known? And who

knows what other serious consequences are waiting to be discovered a few decades from


There are definitely studies out there that looked for risks and didn't find any. There are

also studies that claim to have found evidence of a link between GM crop consumption and

ailments like allergies, kidney disease, and even cancer. If you had to pick between a product

that is made of the same organic ingredients that have been consumed by humans for

centuries, and a product that may or may not give you tumors...which would you pick?

There's one more thing to consider. 85% of all corn grown in the United States is now GM. 90% of soybeans are Genetically Modified. These two ingredients are found in more products than you could imagine, from your pantry to your shower and even in your skincare routine.

In the end, there is a choice to make. You can use the mainstream, commercial products on your skin and trust the studies that "prove" there is no harm done. Or, you can use Organic products that as stated, have been used for as long as we have existed and are most natural to our bodies and our environment. What do you choose?

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