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Organic Sugar Wax Face Kit

Organic Sugar Wax Face Kit

Made from Organic Cane Sugar, this wax will naturally remove hair from the face. Greatly beneficial for eyebrow waxing. This Face Kit comes with the Organic Sugar wax, applicator sticks and wax strips. 


Heat wax by filling a sauce pan about 1/2 the length on the jar. Bring to a simmer until the wax is liquid. Remove carefully with tongs. Let cool until thickened. Be careful the wax is not too hot before application. Lightly moisturizing before may decrease possible pain from waxing. Using small applicator stick, apply to desired area. Apply the waxing strip and pull quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. You can apply a cool washcloth after waxing and then moisturize. Store in the refridgerator.


Organic Sucrose (Cane Sugar), Citric Acid, Distilled Water


2 oz Jar

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