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Our Life-Changing Skincare Secret!

You may have heard of a few oils that have become more popular among the skincare industry. Oils like Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, etc. But WHY are they becoming so popular? And WHY are we putting oil on our skin when we have been taught for so long that oil is bad and clogs our pores?

Most people believe you need a water based product so you dont clog your pores. Wrong. Water based products can actually dry out your skin. Since your body is made of 72% water, you would logically think putting a water based product on your skin is the best option. . .

Here's the science. Think of evaporation. It occurs from any and all surfaces, including your skin. When you moisturize your body with a water based product, evaporation occurs. The water is drawn from your skin and you are left dehydrated. This paves the way for wrinkles and aging, skin damage, dark areas, inconsistent skin texture, and more.

What is also true, is our skin produces natural oil. Water based products and soaps strip these oils. When these oils are stripped, your skin overproduces, causing things like acne, cysts, rashes, etc. The great thing about applying beneficial oils to your skin? Some very closely match our naturally occuring sebum (oils) and are easily absorbed, thus reaping all the benefits of that oil. Win win.

To explain why oils are not as scary as we have been brought up to believe, first let me tell you about the "comedogenic scale". Simply put, it is a scale of 0-5, with 5 being most likely to clog pores. Each skincare liquid ingredient has a number on this scale.

After understanding these ingredients and their comedogenic scale, knowing the benefits of each oil is important as well. These oils are so beneficial to the skin because of their fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, esters and more.

If you have oily skin, its best to use oils that have a comedogenic rating of 2 or lower. These oils will be less likely to clog pores, and you'll reap all of the benefits of that oil. Don't denounce all oils if you have this type of skin! You will be missing out on tons of nutrients.

Lets take a look at some of the most beneficial oils that LaRose Bath & Beauty uses in our skincare products;

Argan Oil

Argan Oil has a comegogenic rating of 0, meaning it is least likely to clog your pores. The benefits?

A naturally occuring oil from a nut, it is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and linoleic acid. Argan oil helps to boost cell production, fighting rashes, wrinkles, dryness, acne, stretch marks and more.

Castor Oil

Comedogenic Rating: 1

Rich in triglyceride (an ester derived from glycerol and fatty acids), improves the lymphatic function, blood flow, and thymus gland health, increases circulation, contains undecylenic acid, which has germicidal and disinfectant properties, helps treat acne, pigmentation, and sunburn, and prevents blemishes and stretchmarks, along with dry skin.

Grapeseed Oil

Comedogenic Rating: 2

Treats acne, contains many antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, astringent (firms skin [anti-aging]), cures dark circles and humectant (moisturizes).

Jojoba Oil

Comedogenic Rating: 2

Gentle, humectant (moisturizing), rich in vitamin E, and other essential vitamins, cicatrisant (fades stretch marks, acne, pox scars and surgery marks), anti-aging, fights acne and blackheads, antifungal, relieves sunburns and some rashes and may reduce hair loss.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Comedogenic Rating: 1

Stimulates keratinocytes in the skin to heal, reduce aging, reverse skin damage, contains a polyunsaturated oil called punicic acid, an omega 5 fatty acid, which is anti-inflammatory, protects against sun damage and some studies say reduce risk of skin cancer.

Rose Hips Seed Oil

Our Rose Hips Seed Oil is made by LaRose Bath & Beauty. We use Safflower Oil, which has a comedogenic rating of 0. The Rose Hips Seed Oil itself has a comedogenic rating of 1.

Prevents and treats cancer, carotenoids, flavonoids, and polyphenols are a few of the antioxidants found in the oil, prevents premature aging, high levels of vitamin C boosts the immune system, astringent (firms skin [anti-aging]), helps heal wounds and blemishes.

Sweet Almond Oil

Comedogenic Rating: 2

High in vitamin E, reduces dark circles, anti-inflammatory, relieves dry, irritated skin, cures chapped lips, anti-aging and reduces itching.​

Tamanu Oil

Comedogenic Rating: 2

Helps fight acne and acne scarring, eczema, psoriasis, fungi, stretch marks, age spots, skin rashes, general scarring, dermatitis, anti aging and perfect for use on oily skin, cicatrisant (fades stretch marks, acne, pox scars and surgery marks), anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and analgesic (mild pain reliever).

All of our oils are Organic, which is another very important factor. You want organic oils and ingredients so you know you arent soaking up all the pesticides and harmful chemicals in addition to the great benefits.

So when you see products that are oil based or contain a large amount of oils, try it out! You may be very pleasantly surprised.

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