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Our CEO's Skincare Routine in 5 Steps!

Updated: May 15, 2020

I used to struggle with cystic acne. For some reason, as a teenager, I never got acne. I was pretty lucky and never anticipated having to struggle with breakouts.

After I had my daughter, at age 22, I had it bad all over my forehead. I tried everything. It wasn't cystic then, but there wasn't an area on my forehead that was smooth.

Actually, when I started this company, I had acne and was scared no one was going to take me serious. Every time I told someone I wanted to create this company, I felt the attention gravitate to my skin. In the beginning, it was more ambition and ideas than anything. So I wanted to save every product I had to be able to reinvest in the company. I definitely put myself last in the dream (however, I am thankful I did because I wouldn't have this great company story to tell!).

Then I had my son. Then my skin got BAD. I developed the cystic acne at this point in addition to my bumpy forehead. It was embarrassing. At one point I had a boil under my skin on my cheek for around 4 months, accompanied by smaller ones. This time my cheeks were the main area of concern. I tried everything. Over the counter, "specially" scented and active-ingredient-having cleansers. I even ordered a medicated cream online that was meant to fit my skin profile. Didn't work, and what I didn't understand was their company message was your skin would get worse from using the product before it got better... huh?

I tried birth control. I really didn't like the idea though since I am more naturally inclined- so I ended that. I even visited a dermatologist. The medicated cream I was given was full of ingredients I couldn't pronounce and when I looked them up, caused long term damage and birth defects in future children. (I even had to fill out paperwork at my OB prior to this if I ever used the product). I HATED taking pictures of myself and if I did I cropped myself out. I just wanted to be invisible. (Notice in the image)

Enough was enough and a friend said, "why don't you just use your own products? Why use all this other stuff? Just pamper yourself and use them. Then you can prove they work."

Good point.

So I did.

The results were AMAZING. Yes, I am biased. Let me explain why though-

I created these products to solve problems in the most natural possible way. After years of research I was adding amazing oils to my products. Tamanu Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, COq10, Seabuckthorn Fruit Extract, Rosehip Seed Extract, Borage Seed Extract... All rich in vitamins, minerals, naturally occurring chemicals that diminish as we age. So much goodness! So I created a healthy routine using my products, as follows;

  1. Washing. I began washing my face twice a day, alternating morning and night between the Organic Skin Clearing Face Wash and the Organic Activated Charcoal Face Wash. The ingredients are all organic and full of nutrients. My skin didn't dry out since I have oils added in the wash like Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Pomegranate Oil. The Organic Tea Tree and Organic Tamanu oils are both anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and great for acne.

  2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE! I *was* using my at-the-time Organic Walnut Face Scrub, but the skincare world actually attacked a celebrity for releasing a line with Walnut Shell in her face wash, since its a large particle for facial exfoliation. I understood so I changed it to a body scrub (facially, it did great for me though). Solution? My all time favorite Organic Face & Body Exfoliating Gemstone Stick! (To be released for public sale soon!) This product is amazing with two options to choose from. Each stick has either Amethyst or Rose Quartz finely ground to a powder that gently exfoliates. It is in a stick form that lathers on contact with water and the Organic Mango Butter gently moisturizes. Why gemstones? Well, there has been some proof that they each have different affects when applied to the skin. Amethyst can calm inflammation and breakouts, shown to detoxify the skin. Its name actually derives from "Ametusthos", a Greek word that literally means "not intoxiated". Rose Quartz has been shown to aid in collagen production by stimulating blood circulation, bringing oxygen to the cells and stimulating new cell growth. It is great for fighting fine lines! I exfoliated right before using my regular face washes.

  3. Masks. I actually went crazy on this. I just wanted to get the gunk out of my skin! (Gross, but that's exactly it. I didn't want to have all that in my pores anymore.) I alternated between my three. For anti-aging affects, I used my vitamin A rich French Rose Clay Mask with Organic Crushed Rose Petals. Then switched it up between my Dead Sea Mud Mask and The Activated Charcoal Mask. I let these get *almost* dry before I washed them off. Leaving them to get completely dry and cracked can dry out your skin, so I left them just long enought to reap the rewards. I did these ever other day when I was going hardcore on clearing my skin. Now, I do them about once or twice a week.

  4. Moisturize. I can promise you my moisturizer is the bomb dot com because it landed my company in New York Magazine! See the article here. The bottle in the article was before I switched to eco-friendly product packaging, so now the product is in a glass dropper bottle, but has all the same ingredients, just protects our environment now (; . This Organic Glow Nectar is made with skin-friendly oils that won't clog pores. They absorb into the skin with no residue and are absolutely amazing at keeping skin moisturized. So good in fact, this exact product is used by multiple hand models in the industry who depend on it to keep their hands photogenic and land gigs. It doubles as a makeup remover as well!

  5. Anti-Aging Regimen. After I am finished with my entire routine and it's time for bed, I use my Organic 24KT Gold Eye Serum that contains a blend of Organic Essential Oils that reqind the affects of aging. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity, this is no secret. However, a lot of people try to fix this by buying collagen products. The issue with this is that as we age, that ability to produce the collagen effectively is greatly reduced. The naturally occurring chemical our bodies produce to create collagen is called CoQ10. So, to make sure you are getting the full range of benefits in your anti-aging serum, you need to make sure this is a listed ingredient. My 24KT serum contains this! It firms and tightens the skin and literally makes it feel filled out and plump by morning. It's the best!

The result? Skin I am confident in, and that is more valuable than anything I think.

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