• D'andra Lyn LaRose, CEO

Our CEO's Skincare Routine in 5 Steps!

Updated: May 15, 2020

I used to struggle with cystic acne. For some reason, as a teenager, I never got acne. I was pretty lucky and never anticipated having to struggle with breakouts.

After I had my daughter, at age 22, I had it bad all over my forehead. I tried everything. It wasn't cystic then, but there wasn't an area on my forehead that was smooth.

Actually, when I started this company, I had acne and was scared no one was going to take me serious. Every time I told someone I wanted to create this company, I felt the attention gravitate to my skin. In the beginning, it was more ambition and ideas than anything. So I wanted to save every product I had to be able to reinvest in the company. I definitely put myself last in the dream (however, I am thankful I did because I wouldn't have this great company story to tell!).

Then I had my son. Then my skin got BAD. I developed the cystic acne at this point in addition to my bumpy forehead. It was embarrassing. At one point I had a boil under my skin on my cheek for around 4 months, accompanied by smaller ones. This time my cheeks were the main area of concern. I tried everything. Over the counter, "specially" scented and active-ingredient-having cleansers. I even ordered a medicated cream online that was meant to fit my skin profile. Didn't work, and what I didn't understand was their company message was your skin would get worse from using the product before it got better... huh?

I tried birth control. I really didn't like the idea though since I am more naturally inclined- so I ended that. I even visited a dermatologist. The medicated cream I was given was full of ingredients I couldn't pronounce and when I looked them up, caused long term damage and birth defects in future children. (I even had to fill out paperwork at my OB prior to this if I ever used the product). I HATED taking pictures of myself and if I did I cropped myself out. I just wanted to be invisible. (Notice in the image)